Surrender in Love Teasers – January 2022

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Surrender in Love Teasers – January 2022
Wednesday 1 December 2021
Episode 2
Neel takes the responsibility of keeping the flame of the ‘diya’ going throughout the night. Due to a hole in the ‘diya’, the flame is about to extinguish but Chahat passes by and unknowingly helps Neel.

Thursday 2 December 2021
Episode 3

Unaware of each other’s presence, Neel and Chahat tie the votive thread at the same time. Neel takes a pregnant Saraswati to Rahil’s hospital and gets into an argument with Chahat there.

Friday 3 December 2021
Episode 4

Godamvari tells everyone that the child in Saraswati’s womb has been conceived through IVF and that she took the treatment from a Muslim doctor. Neel asks Chahat to leave and supports Saraswati’s decision.

Monday 6 December 2021
Episode 5
Saraswati is shocked to find her husband Aalekh in an objectionable position with her cousin, Naveli. To prevent Saraswati from telling the truth, Aalekh pushes her off the stairs.

Tuesday 7 December 2021
Episode 6

Upon examining Saraswati, Rahil realises that her condition has worsened due to a fall and tells Aalekh about it. Further, Saraswati gives birth to her child and succumbs to her death.

Wednesday 8 December 2021
Episode 7

A mob sets Rahil’s house on fire. Gazala abandons Chahat in the burning house and leaves with Akram and an unconscious Rahil. Neel vows to take revenge from Rahil.

Thursday 9 December 2021
Episode 8

Neel performs Saraswati’s last rites. To take revenge on Rahil, he pretends to accept Chahat as his wife before the family members. Godamvari believes that Vyasji will never accept Neel’s wife.

Friday 10 December 2021
Episode 9

A few people beat up Gopal, an employee of Rahil’s, and bring him to Vyasji. Chahat panics at the thought that he will recognise her. Aalekh threatens Gopal and asks him about Rahil’s family.

Monday 13 December 2021
Episode 10
On Vyasji’s orders, Neel asks Chahat not to attend Saraswati’s condolence meeting. Further, he prevents Chahat’s real identity from coming to light before the family.

Tuesday 14 December 2021
Episode 11

Chahat asks Neel to not harm Rahil. Kajri tries to inform Chahat about Gazala. While on a video call during Saraswati’s ‘Shanti Puja’, Neel’s family is left shocked on seeing Chahat in a hijab.

Wednesday 15 December 2021
Episode 12

Chahat pretends to be possessed by Mohini’s spirit to prevent anyone from leaving the bungalow. Further, Chahat says that she will give the treasure to the person who has a good conscience.

Thursday 16 December 2021
Episode 13

Neel and Chahat have a dance-off. Vyasji creates a scene when his vegetarian food gets exchanged with Gazala’s non-vegetarian food. Chahat gets the map to the ‘daak bangla’ and she learns something shocking.

Friday 17 December 2021
Episode 14

Naveli gets scared of Godamvari’s threats and reveals the truth about her affair with Aalekh and Saraswati’s death. Godamvari is pleased to hear the truth. Neel learns the truth about Saraswati’s daughter.

Monday 20 December 2021
Episode 15
Neel vows to not adopt Saraswati’s daughter until he has avenged her death. While questioning Naveli about Saraswati’s death, Chahat begins to suspect her of having a lover.

Tuesday 21 December 2021
Episode 16

Chahat saves Vyasji from falling prey to Aalekh’s conspiracy. Through the police, everyone learns that Rahil is alive. This news delights Chahat. Further, Gazala lies to Rahil saying that Chahat is dead.

Wednesday 22 December 2021
Episode 17

Neel gets Chahat out of the coffin and she saves Saraswati’s daughter’s life. Aalekh gets furious when he fails to kill his own daughter by poisoning her.

Thursday 23 December 2021
Episode 18

Jamuna informs Chahat about a huge sum missing from the funds of the temple. Chahat suspects that Naveli’s lover is behind it.

Friday 24 December 2021
Episode 19

Neel writes Gazala’s number on a chit and keeps it with himself. On Rang Panchami, Chahat drenches him in water, dissolving the chit. An intoxicated Neel tries to disclose Chahat’s identity before everyone.

Monday 27 December 2021
Episode 20
Chahat and Neel unwillingly get engaged. Vyasji gives Chahat the bangles which Saraswati had made for Neel’s wife. Chahat asks Neel to disclose her identity before the family members.

Tuesday 28 December 2021
Episode 21

Chahat finds proof that Saraswati’s death occurred due to the fall. Vyasji finds himself in a conundrum over Neel and Chahat’s marriage. Finally, he decides to get them married.

Wednesday 29 December 2021
Episode 22

Neel reveals to Chahat how he managed to sneak another couple at the mandap to sit in their place. Meanwhile, the couple who is at the mandap get married.

Thursday 30 December 2021
Episode 23

Neel applies vermillion to Chahat, leaving Godamvari and Aalekh astounded. He later reveals that he used chilli powder instead of vermillion. Chahat pretends to come closer to Neel to teach him a lesson.

Friday 31 December 2021
Episode 24

Godamvari is surprised to see Chahat on the terrace. Chahat’s stupidity embarrasses Neel. Vyasji tells her to drape a saree for the family photo.

Premiere episodes of Surrender in Love air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 14h55.

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